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ARISE selected Spotted Zebra based on its past work for the BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and TRT to help setup Arise news from scratch. Spotted Zebra was able to put together a newsroom solution that included touch-screen interactivity, on-air graphics, live video feeds, and data-driven weather and financial graphics using the Ventuz software suite running on certified VBox graphics hardware.


When combined with Avid iNews and Vertigo Miranda, the Ventuz-based production pipeline delivered a complete broadcast newsroom solution at a cost significantly lower than other leading offerings.

At ARISE studios in London and New York, Ventuz software controls the interactive screen elements via a contact-free, multi-touch infrared laser system. Ventuz also controls the video wall backdrop, which acts as the focal point of the set. Behind the anchor desk, the video wall continuously displays fast-paced graphics and video clips that add dynamic energy to any live program.

ARISE is a multi-site channel with several international newscasters contributing their perspectives in real-time. Using Ventuz, one studio can create graphics or video wall content and have that content mirrored to the other news studios so the live broadcasts appear seamless and integrated. 

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