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Offering a unique suite of real time interactive tools combined with world class visual content



Bring your clients closer to your exhibit and get them interacting with your product.  Our immersive, interactive experiences combine stunning 3D digital content with innovative interactive multi touch technology.  We can provide a wide range of interactive touch experiences, Portable sales solutions, interactive solutions, Human interaction experience, creative visualised solutions and amazing interactive screen visual effects, Interactive installations, allowing the user to configure and interact with your installation, ensuring your audience leaves with a memorable experience.


We can create exciting and interactive multimedia presentations that help engage your audience by adding interactive elements, Interactive 3D solutions, digital transformation and stunning visualisations. From projecting data or graphics onto your products at your new launch show or telling your brand story via real time interactive graphics on large scale digital backdrops, we are able to provide you with a solution that will leave your audiences amazed.



Welcome to world of real-time interactive 3D.  We have been one of the leading teams in the UK offering a unique suite of real time interactive tools combined with world class visual content which we have applied across a wide variety of industries from entertainment to education.

If your looking for a exciting technology that allows you to present, entertain and connect with your audience in ways you would never have thought possible across any surface or screen then why not speak to us and see how we can help.

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