Blurrt cleverly identifies and collects social media data, assessing every post in real-time using a custom-built Natural Language Processing (NLP) system that looks to understand the language, context and tone of voice used in each individual case. Blurrt also has a unique ability via this NLP system, to recognise and place emotion-bearing posts into the following groupings: Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Thankfulness, Disgust, Love, Confusion and Fear.


Spotted zebra were asked to help create content for blurrt to demo live social data from Blurrt integrated with the vizrt scenes. Using viz feedstreamer application we intergrated the blurrt data. This will specifically include examples of how both sports and current affairs broadcasters can utilise clever visual graphics technology with interesting insights. The sports broadcast examples will include a virtual studio showing a select 11 footballers from a recent game, chosen based off their individual Blurrt Score – a clever calculation that combines volume and sentiment. Other demos include touchscreen graphics comparing Trump and Clinton across a range of different variables, including sentiment expressed, volume of posts and recognised emotions being used in conversation. These demos will also show off the ability to dive deeper into the data collected, including loading select individual tweets showing precise emotional feelings towards either candidate.


This will provide broadcasters with new ways to showcase audience engagement as well provide a new range of social media metrics, brought to life via Vizrt’s Social TV solution. The Vizrt Social TV solution will allow Blurrt’s data to be displayed within real-time graphics which will be able to be displayed live on air.