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At Spotted Zebra, we not only offer exceptional graphics design services but also deliver customized training programs to empower your in-house designers in creating spectacular broadcast graphics. Our seasoned team has provided training to a diverse clientele, including Sky News, the London Stock Exchange, BBC Sport, and Granada Television. 

Our training programs are designed to accommodate your team's specific needs, encompassing a wide array of topics such as design principles, software proficiency, and workflow optimization. Collaborating with us enables your designers to produce graphics that exemplify the pinnacle of quality and professionalism. 

Whether you require our design services or wish to benefit from our training programs, Spotted Zebra possesses the expertise and resources to contribute to your success. 


Spotted Zebra stands as your premier partner for real-time graphics and design in the broadcast industry. Boasting a team of adept professionals and comprehensive access to the VIZrt and Ventuz software suites, we produce graphics that amplify the impact and creativity of news stories, documentaries, and commercials. 

Our proficiency spans a wide array of applications, such as LED walls, lower thirds, full screen, virtual sets, and augmented reality. We adopt a personalized approach for each project, ensuring that our graphics are customized to your specific needs, conveying the intended message with precision and influence. 

Whether your goal is to enrich your broadcasts with a novel dimension, craft striking visuals for commercials, or elevate viewer experiences with virtual sets and augmented reality, Spotted Zebra possesses the expertise and technology to deliver exceptional outcomes. 

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