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As the UK resellers for Ventuz, Spotted Zebra Ltd presents a premier software solution for top-tier audiovisual content production. Ventuz is engineered to accommodate interactive presentations and events, video walls, on-air broadcast graphics, as well as in-studio lighting and staging. 

Ventuz distinguishes itself with its remarkable stability and streamlined functionality, enabling seamless integration into intricate hardware and software systems. Whether you are orchestrating a large-scale event or a TV broadcast, Ventuz delivers a complete suite of tools designed to help you actualize your creative vision. 


Alongside software, we also supply certified hardware solutions to facilitate your event or production through our trusted partners at Xi-Machines. With our all-encompassing hardware and software offerings, Spotted Zebra stands as your one-stop destination for high-end audiovisual content production. 


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Transform your video walls and projections into interactive experiences using our cutting-edge laser technology. With a touch range of up to 10 meters and support for TUIO and WINDOWS Multitouch, setup and calibration become effortless. Our user-friendly interface enables you to craft captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact. Reach out to us today to explore our interactive laser technology further. 



Discover an unrivaled touch experience with MultiTaction displays. Our displays provide limitless touch capabilities and can recognize objects from various angles, fostering an immersive experience. Contact us today to learn more about how MultiTaction screens can elevate your interactive experiences. 


Transform your space with Seloy Live SENSE, a cutting-edge interactive glass technology that merges a transparent insulating glass unit, interactive touch surface, and projection film. Available in sizes up to 3 x 6 meters, SENSE is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Boasting seamless touch integration and effortless installation, SENSE serves as the ultimate solution for crafting striking visuals and dynamic interactive content. 


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