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Spotted Zebra, in collaboration with our partners at Outform, was approached by Targus to develop an innovative solution using 'future technologies' to showcase their new range of 'City Light' bags in a fresh and exciting way. 

Our team brainstormed and designed an immersive and interactive experience that combined cutting-edge technologies such as AR, VR, and interactive displays. This unique solution allowed potential customers to explore the features, design, and functionality of the 'City Light' bags through a combination of engaging visuals, virtual walkthroughs, and interactive product demonstrations. 

The customized exhibit not only showcased the Targus 'City Light' bags in a novel manner but also provided potential customers with an interactive and memorable experience. Our creative approach allowed Targus to stand out in the market and effectively promote their new range of products. 

At Spotted Zebra, we are committed to delivering innovative and engaging solutions that help our clients capture their audience's attention and create lasting impressions. 

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